Creative Services


As a Senior Technology Trainer for one of the top Real Estate Investment firms in the nation, my days are filled with inquiries about working with technology, software, the internet, and social media.   For some reason, working with computers and all that they entail comes naturally to me, but in my 9 years as a trainer and through interactions with friends and family, I’ve discovered that dealing with computers is a source of frustration for most people.  With the exception of the younger generations and computer scientists, I’m an anomaly, it seems.

In addition to empowering individuals to make their own jewelry, I am working as a creative consultant for artists and individuals who would like additional help making sense of our fast-paced techno-driven world.  If you are a business owner or you are thinking about promoting yourself in any way, even for jobs, understanding technology, software, and social media is imperative to your success these days.  My goal is to empower you and/or restore your confidence in these areas.

If you are interested in my consulting services, please contact me.  An initial review and consultation to determine your need(s) is free and comes with no obligation.

My standard rate is $25/hour.

Creative Services Menu

  • Computer and Mobile Device Training
  • Computer Troubleshooting
  • Graphic Design
  • General Marketing Training, Planning, and Execution
  • Social Media Marketing and Training

Interested?  Let’s get started!