A true addict of all things “wired,” I’m a Technology Trainer by day and a jewelry and mixed-media artist by night.  I live and work in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my two teenagers and two cats.  Art brings me peace and keeps me sane.

I’ve been playing with beads and rocks since I was a child.  As I grew older, it became harder and harder for me to find commercially made jewelry that I liked and that fit me.  Being a creative person, I started making my own jewelry and then my once hobby expanded and morphed into a more serious endeavor about 8 years ago when I started exploring combining beads and wire together.  While my passion and focus is on the wire woven designs you see here, I am skilled at making all types of beaded jewelry and have even dabbled in silversmithing.

You can find more information about my mixed media art if you visit http://www.aguasulisart.com.

I wish you the very best on your creative journey.